How it works

  • Exceptional service at inexpensive costs

    We are well-equipped and experienced to carry out complicated repairs right down to the component tier.

  • Quick and efficient service

    The services we provide are fast and brilliant. We make the entire process as simple as possible, from booking the repair to greeting your fixed device.

  • Fast turnaround with insured delivery

    Most repair jobs have a one to five-day turnaround period once we confirm them. It depends upon the availability of parts as well. We will dispatch your machine through a 24-hour courier service. The contents will be fully insured up to a value of £1,000 without you having to bear any costs.

  • 6-month warranty

    If your device fails with the same issue within six months, we have you covered.

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How can I get my Mac repaired?

  • Book it

    We have an easy-to-fill job booking form. You just have to fill in your details!

  • Prepare your Mac for pick up

    You must pack your device safely in its original box. We'll send you an email with some important documents that you need to print and attach to the box. Once you're done, let us know, and we'll collect it

    If you do not have the original box, don't worry. We will give you the option to choose the right box on the booking form. These boxes are custom-made to fit their purposes and ensure the full security of your device during transit.
    You can also use a drop-off point that we offer across the UK- before 11 pm.

  • Diagnosis

    We will keep you updated about your Mac at every step. If you have asked for a diagnosis of the device’s issue, we will contact you after identifying the problem. We’ll give you an accurate, no-obligation quote before fixing it.

  • Repair work

    We will fix your device as per the quote and return it to you safely. If you cancel the repair work, we will ship it right back to you for free.

  • Delivery

    We will inform you once we have repaired your Mac. When it leaves our store for delivery, we will send you the contact and tracking details of our delivery partners- UPS or TNT.

Delivery information

We strive to minimise any extra efforts from your side. For that, we provide you with two methods of transportation.


You can choose to arrange a collection or delivery with us via our trusted courier services. It will cost you a small fee of £12.95. We will deduct this small amount from your final bill. If you wish to cancel the repair, we will refund it.


If you miss the collection time, this fee is not refundable.


Alternately, you can drop your device off at any of the nationwide UPS drop-off points. It does not require any extra fee.


Please select your preferred option when you are booking the repair job.


In every case, secure packaging is essential. We will not open or inspect a device that arrives in incorrect packaging. In such a situation, you will have to arrange for collection on your own. If you do not possess the original packaging, let us know in the booking form. We will make the necessary arrangements.

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